Life at home this Christmas

Having recently gone on maternity leave due to the birth my baby girl Summer it has actually been better than I thought not working and spending time with my children properly. People keep asking me “how’s the baby?” and “How are you getting on with the new baby?” but the truth is baby Summer is great. She is a brilliant sleeper and is no-where near as demanding than I remember with the two boys but maybe I am just more relaxed now or maybe it is because she has to be patient! I am convinced though she has learnt what their bedtime routine is because she manages to time her wake up time just as they gone off to bed! But honestly I do feel really lucky with Summer and I haven’t noticed much of difference since going from 2 to 3 but I have feeling it will not stay that way forever!

So with Christmas just around the corner, my day currently starts around 5am (6 if i’m lucky) with the sound of Caden and Dylan singing “Santa Claus is coming to Town” or “Jingle Bells”.  This is usually then followed by what feels like a stamped of elephants or squabbling and for those of you who know it really is too early to be a referee that time of the morning! It amazes me how they can just wake up with so much energy, like a fully charged Duracell. I need a good hour to feel awake from my four hours of sleep and at least one cup of tea before I can start functioning for the day. But in reality it is more like 5 minutes to wake up and two sips of tea before I am running out of the door to get Caden to school.

Then after Caden is dropped off to school I am left playing lego with Dylan and watching Peppa Pig, the same episode of Peppa Pig to be exact and for those of you who haven’t seen Peppa Pig it is all of 5 minutes long. So it means putting it back to the start every 5 minutes or so until I feel like I am going insane watching it! If I even I attempt to put on a nice Christmas film to get us in the mood or just anything really that is NOT peppa pig, I get a “NO MUMMY…PEPPA PIG!”…..Wow what is so good about Peppa pig? He must not be the only toddler brainwashed by Peppa Pet as they have managed build a theme park out of it!

But in all honesty the boys are really excited for Santa to come and bring them their presents so I only have 9 more days of them saying “is today the day Santa is coming down the chimlee (Chimney obviously) to bring my presents?”, despite trying to explain to them that once all the windows on their Advent calendar is open then Santa will be arriving with those all important presents. Which I do get a bit of a huff and a reply of “It is taking an awful long time mummy”! I do feel sorry for them though as Christmas does start so early for them especially when he has already seem Santa 3 times in School before we have had a chance to take him and as they have no concept time it must feel like forever until the big day.

I must admit though Christmas is my favourite time of year, I love being with my family on Christmas day and this year we are the hosts with my parents and brother coming as well as and my husband’s mother and brother too. I have to say I am quite lucky, a lot of people hate this time of year when they get together with their in-laws but we all get on really well. Family is such a precious gift and I am really looking forward to Christmas this year….I just hope I don’t burn the Turkey!

I hope you like my post and please feel free to add your comments below.

By Sian Morgan

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  1. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, its my favourite time of year, my favourite day is Christmas Eve, all the build up and anticipation is great! We took our tree down today so the living room looks bare 😦 xx Ps. hope you didn’t burn the turkey! x


    • Thanks we had a great day! I too love Christmas Eve, just the most exciting time of year! All over now though, we yet to put our tree yet. Probably over the weekend. Hope you enjoyed my post and thanks so much for your comments. Please follow me if you would to have my new posts sent directly to your e-mails. Enjoy the new year! p.s. Turkey was fine (the mother in law cooked it)! xxx


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