Motherhood and Illness does not go well together!

So long are the days when you can just snuggle up and lounge on the couch eating rubbish all day when your feeling like shit! I’m a mother for gods sake I can’t just phone in sick when I feel like it!

I guess you might gather what is coming next….its less than a week before Xmas and I’m ill! Not only that but it happens to be the weekend that i have booked to see Santa and there is no way I can phone in sick – being a mum is a full time job!

My mum had offered to have the kids yesterday (pre planned), which I thought would be a great chance to try and relax as it meant reducing the number of kids from 3 to 1. Except she forgot it was her works do that night. So I ended up waiting until they were fast asleep so my dad didn’t have to put them to bed by himself, full up to the eye balls with a cold! I literally collapsed home with the hubby only to be up all night with the baby but was definitely worth the 8am lie in – Yes that is a lie in to us mums (and dads)!

I spent most of the morning trying to wrap presents but only managed a few so will give that an attempted try! They will have to wait until Xmas eve now plus I really shouldn’t have bothered as I nearly passed out as I dragged myself and all the “unwrapped presents” back up the stairs.

But “lucky” for me I was greeted by two lovely parents who were not stressed-mum-with-sick-childhappy with the 5am start! And this is my fault? I really don’t think they realise this is my life on a daily occurrence as the two year old; Dylan believes this is the time everyone in house should be awake! Not only that but I had accidentally given my mum ripped trousers for Caden which were unacceptable for him to go to the Santa party my mum was taking him to (which her work was hosting) and forgot to put clean socks in. Therefore she had to go and buy some instead! Such a bad mother I am! But in my defense I barely had my eyes my open and I was like a zombie trying to pack their clothes (The image says it all)…. A little sympathy wouldn’t go a miss. Another “attempted” try of failure. Definitely not winning mum of the year award this weekend!

So now the kids are off to see round 2 of seeing Santa tomorrow, what they must think as Caden has already seem three times already in school!

All I can wish for now is a good night from the baby and hopefully a 6am start from the boys….only one can hope! Wish me luck seeing the big fella tomorrow – I hope I survive the day!


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