It’s a crazy household!

Yes we finally have another girl in the house – 8 week old baby Summer! With two boys and two male dogs and one husband it is an all male dominant house until my little girl came into the world. Plus I think I am actually going to regret saying this but I think she may have been sent by an Angel. I was totally prepared when I was pregnant for the sleepless nights and the pulling out of my hair but actually she is pretty good. She only wakes up once in the night! Where did this child come from? I remember the two boys being a nightmare!12376278_10156332563155076_9076924804848658887_n

It’s a good job really when she has two older brothers who decide that it is ok to come and wake me up at 5am in the morning. Not that my eyes are open at that time in the morning, especially in December when the sunrise is not until 8am and I only know this as one of the neighbours has decided to purchase  a rooster (I really need to find out who’s that is)! I am not sure what is worse that or the kids in the morning. Probably the kids because at least the rooster stops! And as soon as they do finally manage to drag me up out of bed I am confronted with blocks and books all over the hallway and I don’t even want to look at what they have done to their bedroom! If I had gotten up at 5am I seriously could have prevented such chaos however it just isn’t possible to get myself up especially when they are just so loud! Seriously how do they get up with so much energy running up and down the corridor, I feel like I need to take some speed just to keep up with them! Then as soon as I am up out of bed Dylan is asking for Cereal on a loop, then toast, then a banana….he is absolutely tiny but could eat from Britain! Even the dogs are in desperate need of your attention first thing in the morning jumping up on you and trying to give you as many licks as possible, all before you have had a chance drink your cup of tea!  It is especially worse this morning as there are only two more sleeps to go, I don’t think they have stopped for a breath as they are so excited for Christmas!

I love how Summer just pulls the duvet over herself and tries to ignore them too when they come up to her cot all crazy and boisterous (that’s what I call girl power). Even through the day when she is asleep in the living room when the toddler Dylan decides to have a full blown tantrum right next to her, she still doesn’t blink an eye! What’s her secret? It’s a good job really as I think I would have had a nervous breakdown by now if she wasn’t so good! I am sure she is going to change at some point…..or maybe I will suffer when she is a teenager.

For now all I can do is enjoy her good behaviour whilst trying to tame the other two as they go from singing Christmas songs at the top of their lungs to fighting every few minutes, for now I have distracted them by letting them paint some pine cones!


Have a great Christmas everyone!


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