Should mums work or stay at home?

What is it about society that says we should live our life in a certain way and we need to do certain things? I mean we are supposed to have a certain number of children whilst holding a certain job in order not to be discriminated? With the majority of society having 2 children and working, can we be “stay at home” mums without having the finger pointed at you? I know of people that have written on their Facebook status being a “fulltime mummy” is not a job. Well I beg to differ….I thinkworking-mum-health-388x215 if you do not have children you cannot comment on that one! Some mums might actually argue they need to go to work as being at home with the kids drives them crazy!

I myself am currently on maternity leave from training to be a nurse, I have few friends who have recently qualified as a nurse and are miserable! They work long hours and miss out on all the important stuff such as their kids Christmas concerts, weekend outings and even the big day itself “Christmas”! A friend of mine, despite requesting to work New Years Day so she could have Christmas Day off (having usually the choice of working either New Years Day or Christmas Day in nursing) was give a 12 and half hour shift for both Christmas day and New Year’s Day! Now I may moan about my kids from time to time but I love them dearly and love to spend time with them because when those moments come up; such as seeing your kids faces light up because they believe Santa came all the way from the north pole to give them these presents. These moments are priceless and just the best feeling in the world and you can’t trade that time in for anything else!

So I think it is safe to say it has come to the point where my priorities have changed, since first starting my nursing degree I have had two children and honestly it is not just the job I thought it was going to be and now I am finding it hard to make the right choice. I think most mums would agree if we could stay at home and work if would be great! Heaven forbid I stay at home and become a “full time mummy” and starting popping out more kids!

What are your views on this? Should we be working or staying at home with the kids and how many is the right number of kids? Are we subjected to having just two with a few us going for 3! Or can we have more without being subjected to discrimination, I mean if you can afford to more why not aye?

Below my three beauties at Christmas!




  1. I left a demanding role in Social Care earlier in the year however couldn’t afford to not work at all, I now work less hours in a less stressful environment, I work 3 days a week and start at 10am so always do the school run, I earn a lot less money but i’m home every evening, every weekend and my work closed down for 2 weeks over Christmas, some things you just can’t put money on – it’s all about work life balance for me xx


  2. I went from full time lecturing to full time Mum in June 2012 when we adopted two boys, 6 and 2. Being isolated from work colleagues, I didn’t live and work in the same place and had only moved to our town 12 months before left me very alone (and scared!).
    I HATED being a stay at home Mum, but looking back and knowing what I now know I had, and still have, post adoption depression.
    Move forward to September 2013 I went back to work, part time 4 days a week. I know that people think that teaching is fabulous; short days, long holidays and long breaks supping coffee in the staff room! Sadly my experience was nothing like this.
    In July this year I left, getting a full time job that involves occasional travel. I love it and I am so much happier, I don’t have to spend evening and weekends planning and marking. I am no longer accused of being racist when a student is caught cheating!
    A side effect of my happiness is as a family we are all happier, we can go places at a weekend and when I get home in an evening the boys know that I don’t have to work in the evening.


    • I know it is so hard trying to get it right. I love to spend time with the kids on the weekend going places. As much as they can drive me crazy on some days I treasure these moments as before you know it they will be off doing their own thing! Best of luck to you and thank you for reading my blog. x


  3. I HATE being a stay at home mum. I miss the adult conversation and everything that work brings. When I return back to work I shall be only doing 16hrs pw so I don’t miss out on everything else to do with my son. I think it’s all about a balance 🙂


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