10 reasons why toddlers are so annoying!

1044863_10156342970105076_9180994351062665260_nIf ever you wanted to see how patient you are then look after a toddler for the day! Don’t get me wrong I do love him with all my heart but by god he gives me the run around.

I know it is part of his job as a toddler and in all honestly it is not their fault (or that’s what I keep telling myself in order to get through the day!). They are feeling frustrated, tiredness or hunger and don’t always have the necessary communication skills to tell us what they want or need and experts are constantly telling us it is part of their “developmental growth” and we need to let toddlers go through this stage…however it doesn’t make it any easier on us mums!
Here are some reasons as to why they are just so annoying:

1. They decide to Poo at completely the wrong time (In my case 5am). This then wakes the baby up and his older brother. So I guess we are all awake now then!

2. They hate the word “NO”. You just almost do not want to say it when you are in public as you know they are going to have full on tantrum in front of everyone and heaven forbid you look like a bad parent in the middle of the park or soft play! And even though every parent goes through it no-one likes to be judged even though you know they have been through it themselves!

3. It’s game of who came be more stubborn – especially when you are at the park and they refuse to walk. You threaten to leave them there but they don’t move! So you end having to go back for them as you don’t want anyone to steal them.

4. They insist on watching Peppa Pig but then as soon it is on they are off doing something else and you are left watching it alone!

5. They tip all their toys out and then don’t even play with them. Enough Said!1382935_10156363500660076_809608877072021403_n

6. Despite trying religiously for them to have a nap in the day, they refuse! However as soon as you go in the car (later in the day) they fall asleep!

7. It seems to be that you are the only one who see’s this behaviour and everyone else thinks you are over exaggerating! Grandparents: “He was good for us”! Really?

8. Why is it at meal times they say they don’t want “chips”, they want “beans”, but as soon as you sit down with your chips they are want “chips” and you end up having to give yours away!

9. You put them on the step as suggested by “Super Nanny”, they say sorry but it is meaningless as two minutes later they are being naughty again (I am sure he is just saying what I want to hear)!

10. It is finally bed time, you are exhausted! Then they still think it is amusing to run around the corridor or start banging around just because you haven’t run around after them enough today!

So I hope this post hasn’t scared you if your baby hasn’t got to this stage yet but personally I think you need to laugh in at the situation if not you will cry instead! However when all is said and done and you see your little baby fast asleep at the end of the day you just know that love is unconditional and you wouldn’t have it any other way!

I hope you enjoyed my post and I look forward to your comments!



One comment

  1. I hate to break it to you but my 2 are 5 and 8 now and we still have all of these going on…except Peppa pig, we have graduated to lego [insert annoying character of the week here] now!!


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