Just another day in Parenthood

So I started the day at 6.30am this morning, oooh a lie in, thank you boys (5am is usually the norm)! Not bad as I was up partying until 1am with the baby, it seems this is now her new favourite time to go to sleep.  After dragging myself up out of bed, I of course I stubbed my toe on the edge of the bed and then caught my hand on the door as I walked out the bedroom (wow that hurt)! I had to bite my lip to stop myself from swearing – that is all I need, the 4 year old going into school saying f**k!

So I stumbled downstairs and continued into a daze for a while, fed the baby until eventually I realised I had forgotten to wash the school uniform for the four year old (that was Daddy’s job), so at this point I jumped up and tried to wipe down yesterdays jumper and then ran to school as we were running late AGAIN! Dammit I told myself I would be on time this term. So already feeling very disorganised and a slightly bad mum for not having completely clean uniform for my son, I was determined that the rest of the day was going to be a good day.12512524_10156379581705076_1359857720398755459_n

Back home the toddler decided it was a good time to empty his track onto the living room floor as you do, I mean how fun would that be? It’s not like you have a perfectly good playroom next door where you can play with your toys!

I’ll just pick up your s***t up should I? I am your slave after all. It’s not like you want to play with them they are just designed to be splattered all over the living room floor so mummy can stamp her foot on. It’s ok mummy doesn’t need her feet I will just crawl around after you!

So we then proceeded to lunch in which I asked

“Dylan what would you like for lunch?”

Dylan: “Nothing Mummy!”

Me: “You need to eat something sweetheart”

Dylan “I want nothing Mummy”! (starts jumping up and down on the spot shouting at me.

Me: “Why are you shouting?”

Dylan: No response


I can see where this is going so baby priority it is then. So I sit down to feed the baby and the toddler approaches….“Mummy what are you cooking for me”! Ohhh I do love playing this game of sit down, stand up. Who needs an exercise regime when you have a toddler?

So after lunch I went back to nursing the baby (poor baby girl) and Dylan went into the playroom to play with his toys. After about 15 minutes or so things I suddenly realise it is a bit too quiet…I better check this out!


So I put the baby down and went to check on him and proceed with caution
into the playroom. This is what I found…..


I particularly like what he has done with skirt board really brightens up the place. It turns out he had found a bag of felt tip pens in the hall that 12401021_10156379584800076_1286109552173867473_ncame back from Nanny’s! This then of course resulted in 30 minutes of scrubbing in the bath before picking the 4 year old from school.

I must say there is a never a dull moment when you are a parent!  Daddy Morgan will undoubtedly be going to the shop to get alcohol tonight for Mummy Morgan. Ah what a fun day it has been, I wonder what will happen tomorrow!



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