The beach was not a good idea!!

So as it is the Weekend and the kids are like wild animals waiting to be released from their cage, we decided to take them down the beach. Now that we have 3 children things are a bit squashed in our granny Mitsubishi car plus the two dogs we bravely brought along – the dogs are calmer than the children but still need their exercise.

Well I am not sure where to begin….First there was the fighting all the way there! It’s amazing really that my husband got us there without killing us all. Of course by time we got there the drizzle of rain had turned into torrential heavy rain and there were no signs that it was going to slow down anytime soon. But that was not going to stop us; we had our winter gear and we were ready to do this despite the terrible British weather.

We let the one dog; Podge off as he was the least naughty dog…big mistake! He ran off to greet another dog on the lead and wouldn’t come back when he was called. Ok great Start! As I was left with the kids, I decided to try and make it fun by running away from the waves as I did when I was a child. Well it started off well…

Before I knew it the toddler decided to run into the waves by himself and as I tried to catch him, baby strapped to me and all, the entire wave had taken him!

So with my husband still calling “PODGE PODGE”! in the background I went over and picked him up. I turned around and the 4 year old was playing in the wet sand! At this point people around the beach were starting to stare. They must have thought what the hell is that family doing? Thanks for the help guys just keep on walking, I am perfectly good.20140608_140131

Finally my husband had caught Podge our not so bright Pug. Dragging my screaming toddler back up to car which what seemed like a steeper hill than it appeared on the way down, I finally made it to the top and hauled us to the car! But wait there is more…I dumped the baby in the seat, sat the toddler into the boot, walked over to the corner and threw up! Who needs to go on a military fitness class for the New Year when all you have to do is go on a trip with your family in the torrential rain!

So returning back to the car I calmly stripped off my distressed toddlers clothes, ignoring the people staring at me in their car. Then just to top it off Mummy lost her phones so no picture could be taken of this epic fail!

I am so glad we did this beach walk, it was a brilliant idea! Screw dry January – Where is my wine?



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