Remember life before children?

Now I am sure all you mums (and dads) all love your children dearly, who doesn’t?  But can you remember what life was like before children?12552943_1637649916496299_2346295364907588765_n

You know when you when stumbled in pissed at sunrise not waking up to the sound of a rave

When your house was a safe haven to curse a hangover not a place you needed to escape from….it doesn’t matter where you just need to get out!

When you had money to….well when you money had money to spend on anything other than nappies and baby milk.

When you didn’t have to repeat an answer a hundred times… people just got it first time.

When you could watch telly and it did not consist of Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol or any other mind numbing s***t.

When you could pee without an audience.

12565406_10156398267575076_4328756265751765949_nWhen you and your partner didn’t feel just like flat mates.

When you could have a bath without having a special water feature in the bath with you.

When you could spend hours making yourself look pretty not just screwing your hair up quickly and dashing on some dried up mascara on.

When you had a tidy house not what now looks like crack den full of clutter.

When you could drive the car and the only sound you could here is the sound of you singing to some groovy tunes.

When you didn’t have to write a blog one handed because the baby is in the other!

When you weren’t an alcoholic jugging back the booze as soon they hit the sack!

But wouldn’t life be boring without all this?11109731_10155650977985076_7833988263293488353_n


One comment

  1. The life before children was so peaceful and stress free. Filled with spontaneity and long hours of dreaming (like 12 hours of non stop sleep). Oh and the real private trips to the bathroom I miss so dearly.


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