Open Letter: To the Judgemental Mother

So I took my little girl to have her immunisation jabs the other day and there were other mums in the surgery also waiting to take in their babies for their jabs. In total I was there an hour and half and during this time I got talking to a fellow mum as you do.

She told me how she was a first time mum and was breastfeeding her little one. Then she went on to ask me if I was breastfeeding my baby (I am assumed she was being polite & just curious). I told her I had breastfed her for the first 3 weeks of her life and that now I had to stop.

Well the look she gave me! I felt like a naughty school girl in the playground and that it was the worst thing I could have ever done and abruptly stopped talking to me. I instantly felt that she was now too good to talk to me as I was now labelled in the “formula fed” crew! Wow what a cruel parent I am!

Well I have something to tell you, at least I gave breastfeeding a go and did it for as long as I could. It may not have been for the recommended 6 months or not for a year like most super mums like to do but I gave her the most important bit and when you have two other children to run around after its hard work! Surely the most important thing is we are giving children our love and attention?

So thanks for upsetting me and making me feel like a shitty mum! Its already bad enough that your constantly wondering if your doing it the “right” way especially when you find it so hard to manage your manic 4 year old and 2 year screaming every two minutes (just you wait)! I felt exhausted breastfeeding. I was miserable and felt down, my husband suggested we go onto the formula fed and as much as I felt an emotional attached to breastfeeding my baby, when I stopped I felt so much better for it.

So thanks for making this sleep deprived mum feel completely incompetent as a mother. Its a good job we can look out for each other and not look our nose down when you clearly have a lot to learn yourself!


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