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If you are an ebay fanatic like me and love to grab a great bargain then this is a MUST READ post for you. Recently I have came across a fabulous website for items ending soon but do not have any bids called The site aims to show a range of ebay listed items in the area / country of your choice that are ending soon but do not have any bids yet. Therefore it looked like a great chance for someone to get a good deal for an item they wished to purchase on eNew Picture (5)bay that others might have missed.

So I decided to try it out!  Now that our latest addition to the family has grown out of her newborn clothes, I am in desperate need of some bigger clothes for her and ebay is usually the route I go down. On the no bids website they have a very useful tool which you can use for any country. I added in my country “UK” and keywords “baby girl clothes 3-6 months “ as well as my maximum price I was willing to go up to (which was £10). The results were great and a whole range of
baby girl clothes appeared that were about to end but had no bids on them! Brilliant way to grab a bargain and definitely worth a try!

A lot of sellers commNew Picture (4)only misspell words in their ebay listings and this can mean not as any people come across the listed item. have a great tool to find all these misspelled items that appear for your chosen keyword on ebay. Just simply type in the item you want as if you were searching on ebay  and press search, will take you directly to all the items on ebay that have been misspelled, another great way to grab yourself a fabulous deal.

This can also be a great and informative site if you are a seller on ebay. The website also offers a search tool for the most watched ebay sites, giving you a great advantage. As well as this as a seller you can find out what the most popular bids are for items giving sellers great insight into the most popular items and thus increased benefit for selling items.

This site offers brilliant tools to use and yet so simple in getting the most out of ebay, whether you are seller or buyer, it is a great way to save money and I recommend this site to anyone. Bookmark this page now;


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