Fantastic Music Lessons in London from MY-musiclessons

So I have been looking into starting my child with some music lessons and have been pleasantly surprised by the research on teaching your child music. Did you know by involving your child into music can greatly benefit them in a variety of ways. Many studies across the globe have shown that studying musical from an early age can help develop the brain in areas such as language and reasoning which effectively allows the brain to hear and process sounds they would not be able to do so otherwise. As well as this children tend to think more creatively and are able to solve problems through their imagination. Brilliant!

By studying music, children can understand the value of effort to achieve greatness through ongoing practice to enable them to achieve that successful performance and can see the rewards of consistent hard work.

So I feel convinced it is going to smarten up my kids but where do I go? I have been told it is very important not to rush your child into the first music teacher you come across as the quality of the lessons can make all the difference (even if they are cheap!) Well especially if they are cheap as it is probably too good to be true! Going to a music teacher that is less experienced and cannot give the right quality lesson they deserve can often lead to more harm than good, which is likely to lead to spending more time and money trying to rectify any bad habits the original instructor incurred.

Screen_Shot_20151005_at_170638 (1)One company that knows all too well the importance of music and how it benefits children is MY-musiclesson and they have had excellent reviews. One review I read said how well her daughter had progressed after 6 months of piano lessons. She said: “I cannot recommend her enough for her professional but warm, patient and friendly teaching style with my son.”

Although it can be tricky to know who is good and even try to find the time to go and actually find a good quality music tutor for your child, but after coming across My musiclesson I noticed how well they make sure teaching music for your child is right first time round by only offering the highest quality of music teachers for your children. They offer music lessons in London and the surrounding area for parents who want their child to succeed at music. They are exceptionally good at what they do and definitely worth a try if you live in that area.


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