Save childcare cost with Parenteam

With childcare prices on the rise it can be impossible for parents to work and even worse for single parents. Not to mention having a social life is absolutely out of the question! The lucky few may have family to help them out but for the rest of us we need to find suitable childcare and this can be hard to find, especially at a reasonable price!

Trying to find the right person to look after your children can be daunting and you need to know if they are good with kids and what experience they have. Whether you are desperate for that well deserved night out or need to stay in work late it can become very costly.

Howevdownload (30)er there could be a solution. I have recently come across a website called So I joined up to see what it was all about. You can sign up using Facebook, Linkedin or E-mailI. I signed up with Facebook and after few details I found myself online within minutes. I found Parenteam a fabulous website that lets parents find other parents to swap babysitting with and unlike other childcare sites I have used in the past who charge just to look at childminders in your area; Parenteam is absolutely free to join.

Parenteam is all about working as a team. They say “It takes more than a village to raise a child, it takes Parenteam” and I am absolutely with them on that! You don’t need to worry about your wallet with Parenteam, as they don’t work in cash but instead work on a points system. Parents are rewarded with points instead and once you are registered on Parenteam you get 20 points just to start with and you can then become friends with other parents so they can become part of your network. Then you can simply just start to accept them as your babysitter by rewarding them with points so you can in return do the same for them when they are in need of that all important childminder. You can even find Facebook friends who have already signed up wth Parentem making it that bit easier as you already know them.

It’s a win win situation and such a brilliant concept to teaming up with other trusted parents to gain high-class childcare and all for free! Say goodbye to all those overwhelming childcare fees with Parenteam.

twitter: @parenteamcares


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