New Revelation to loosing weight in the USA

With many of us feeling like we need to lose weight but fails countless times myself included in this scenario, it is always nice to look at new ways to help us diet but in a controlled and safe way. Having given birth nearly 5 months ago, I have still yet to lose any of my baby weight. However there may be light at the end of the tunnel as I have come across a new product that has recently been launched in the United States. The company is called “Valentus” which is the Latin word meaning “Prevail” and was founded by CEO Dave Jordan. Dave founded the company after his discovery of losing weight from nutrients that encourage shredding of fat.

Valentus offers four Prefail drinks and are designed to help control appetite to lose weight as well as helping to promote healthy brain function. He managed to do all this as well as boasting a great flavouring taste.  The favourite being the “prevail slimroast” and is used in coffee to suppress your appetite as well as evaluating your mood.

They second slimming drink they provide is an “energy prevail” drink which is designed to boost energy within minutes and last for

The third drink is a prevail “immune boost” and is packed with antioxidants which is implemented to support your immune health.  Science shows the more antioxidants in your diet the more likely you will be able to resist that cold or runny nose during those cold winter months. The immune boost drink also benefits from having added vitamins and minerals.

The last prefail drink offered by Valentus  is the “Prefail Trim” which is similar to the slimroast drink and is ideal to be used alongside any healthy weight management  program you are using. The prefail trim has been made with natural appetite suppressants and includes ingredients to help the body detox.

The drink boxes have some great savings of up to 45%, the more you buy the more you save! The prefail drinks have also had some great feedback too with customers stating how much they enjoyed the taste as well as the health benefits. One customer wrote on their faceboook page “Not only did I lose 20lbs effortlessly but I felt great a I was losing extra pounds…and I still free great”.

So what are you waiting for….maise well give it a try with nothing to loose. Take a look at the site yourself here and can also see the benefits of selling and buying the drinks here.

Please also take a look at their facebook page to hear other successful stories:


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