Plan your day with Dayviewer

So life can be hectic as a mum, especially if you are working too. I for one know how difficult it is to remember what day the Easter raffle is on or when that piece of homework is due or is today P.E.?  As a mum there are so many things to learn by heart particularly if you have three, however there may be a way to make things easier on us mums. I have recently come across the Dayviewer planner.

The planner is a personalised organiser app designed to remind you of all the things you need to remember in one place including any payment reminders that are due from that big school trip to setting up a routine reminders in order to pay the deposit for that girly night out with the mums.  The purpose of the application is to make time management as efficient as possible for you so there is no need to go to various different places to try and remember everything.dayviewer-dashboard (1)

Through the Dayviewer planner you are able to drag and drop any notes such as reminders, events, tasks and payments entries. All of these can be set to e-mail reminders so that you don’t forget what you have set via your online planner.

As well as planning reminders, the Dayviewer also features an online journal for you. So if you planning to write down some thoughts, all you need to do is log into Dayviewer app and type away.

As well as this you can add all your friends to your own specially designed contact list in Dayviewer, which makes it much easier to organise events with the other mums at the school. Therefore if you want to arrange a coffee morning or a night out, you can simply just send the invitation to them and get notification of who is coming whilst also putting a reminder for yourself about the event.

The best part of all about the Dayviewer is that the software is absolutely free of charge to use. I have already signed up to the Dayviewer myself and I am already seeing the benefits as well as the absolute ease of the application. Try to giving it go here and see what you think:


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