We live in a fast-paced life, where we are always running out of time. Women have to constantly deal with pressures of the children, family, house-running issues, work issues and societal pressures. In such a chaotic lifestyle, it is very easy to lose control of your thoughts and get stressed, which further harms our health and relationships. During such situations, it is extremely important to take charge of your life, so that the strain does not hamper you or the people around you.

Managing stress can be interpreted in a negative way and in such situations, women need to step back and understand the root of their conflict. In juggling the everyday chores of being a mom or otherwise, you can find yourself on top of the situation, if you try and imbibe the following tips:


  1.       Physical Activity

Exercise leads to the production of endorphins which affect our mood in a positive manner. It distracts us from any unpleasant thoughts, which can cause stress. Activities like going for a walk in the morning, cycling around your neighborhood, gyming can make you feel better and ready for the entire day’s action.

  1.        Be Social

Connecting with like minded women and building a helping peer group can positively influence your mood. Social engagement is an extremely efficient way of reducing stress, especially by talking to people who make you feel good.

  1.       Healthy Lifestyle

Be mindful of your eating habits because a well-nourished body can keep you happy. You shouldn’t engage in drinking alcohol, smoking or taking drugs. Also, one should avoid food and drinks with high levels of caffeine and sugar during stressed periods as it can lead to obesity. To keep abreast of the latest health and fitness trends, you can consider subscribing to some popular health blogs. (I have been checking out this blog lately www.medhalt.com/blog).


  1.       Write it down

Research has shown that writing down your thoughts can help you to keep them under your control. Write down the causes of stress and divide them into two parts: things which are not in your control and the ones which are. You could work on effectively changing things under your control.

  1.       Lastly, Be a Fighter!

Stress can make you think like a victim. Instead, be proactive and manage things around you. Being happy and away from a self-critical way of life is imperative. If something is not working, go change it and take control of your life.
Each one of us has a different way of handling stress. What matters is that we don’t let stress degrade our quality of life. Stress management is absolutely attainable and we must make an effort to combat stress, thus winning over the pressures of being a woman.


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