Looking for an unusual holiday this year?….book a Hands Up Holiday

If you haven’t already booked your holiday for this year or maybe you are even thinking where you can next year on vacation. Well if you are thinking you would like to do something different but meaningful this year, then take a look at Hands Up Holidays. I came across this company and they have a brilliant holiday concept that is definitely worth checking out.

Hands up holidays specialise in luxury family travel that includes volunteering. What better way to bond with your family than by helping others in various parts of the world and introducing different cultures to your children in a safe environment. It is also a great way to give your children some new skills and help them understand how fortunate they compared to other children in different parts of the world.

Bathing an Elephant

You can help restore a children’s centre in Costa Rica by day and then keep that holiday feeling by staying in a nearby eco-luxurious hotel by night. It is the perfect holiday for you and your family and best of all, Hands up holidays will tailor your holiday to suit your needs and arrange a local expert guide to make your holiday perfect on your arrival. Just because you are volunteering whilst on holiday doesn’t mean you can’t then sleep in luxury. Plus Hands up Holiday offer nothing less than 5* star local accommodation to suit your requirements.

The minimum age for these luxury holidays is 4, so I will need to wait until my little one is of age to go, but when she is I will definitely be booking a hands up holiday. As it is just not your typical holiday.  They recommend for children over four a wildlife volunteer experience. This enables children to get interactive with the animals and so they get to experience animals in such an extraordinary way whilst learning more about their habit and as such are able to help them make their lives better. The most recommended countries for this is the Elephant conservation in Asia or the wildlife rescue centre in Costa Rica.

You don’t have to volunteer for the whole duration of your holiday either, you can pick how many days you would like to volunteer for. Therefore you can decide which other activities you and your family would like to do for the rest of your holiday. You can discuss all the arrangements with your own dedicated expert consultants so you have the perfect unique experience between you and your children; sounds fantastic.

Take a look at their video below for more information on how you can experience something different this year for the whole family.



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