Personalised Christening Present Ideas

I’m so very excited to announce that one of my best friends has just given birth to a beautiful little baby girl named Eva! She has gorgeous blue eyes and loads of soft fair hair – if she’s anything like her mother she will be absolutely stunning when she’s older. I’m also extremely proud and overjoyed to have been asked to be little Eva’s godparent. No pressure at all…

The christening will be in a couple of weeks so I have just enough time to plan the gift AND my outfit! (I lie, of course I already have several outfits lined up…), but picking a decent gift takes time. I know I shouldn’t be competitive, but I have a pretty good reputation for choosing awesome gifts and as a die-hard people pleaser I refuse to accept anything less than pure brilliance.

Now, I’ve been scouring the internet over the past few days for inspirational ideas and I’ve narrowed my contenders down to a final five – all of which are personalised (adds a sentimental touch don’t you think?) and lovely – see what you think!


  1. Personalised hardback children’s bookNew Picture (7)

I’m a big book worm; I enjoy kicking back and relaxing with old classics and throughout
my childhood I was an avid reader of Hans Christian Anderson fairytales (though a little dark for Eva just yet), so I thought this book of nursery rhymes would be a beautiful way to introduce her to literature!

You can have the front cover personalised with a chosen name to read ‘A Story for Eva’, making it that bit more special!

  1. Baby hand and foot print – inkless – kit

New Picture (8)YES! This is what I love finding, something really creative for the mother and baby to enjoy together! Then the end result, everyone can admire. Having clay casts or inkless printing kits for your little ones hand and foot prints are an adorable way to keep their tiny little selves a part of the memories, especially when they’re grown up.



  1.  Fingerprint Charm Jewellery

Hold Upon Heart is a whimsical family run business that creates remarkable sterling silver New Picture (9)fingerprint charm jewellery. The idea is that once you’ve chosen from a vast array of necklaces, charms, bracelets, rings, keyrings, earrings, cufflinks and leather goods, you can customise your jewellery and then be sent out a kit to make your own prints! You can personalise your chosen piece with a fingerprint, handprint, footprint and even a paw print!

I think I shall be choosing a dainty silver bangle to which I can have baby Eva’s footprint engraved onto! There are also options to add names, dates, birthstones and beads.

  1. Personalised Baby Wish Cushion

New Picture (10)An ideal keepsake is one you can use in your day to day life. Decorate the nursery or even just your living room with a wonderful wish cushion! I love the idea of this, that the baby could be laying on the pillow innocently oblivious to the love and magic that’s gone into creating it!

You can create your own wording entirely, use lyrics or quotes or simply just buy the one provided in the example – making it as personal as you desire!


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