Find the must visit baby boutiques if you are planning a trip to America

If you are parent or (parent to be), like us all you will want the very best for your little one from the time you found out you were pregnant. It is an exciting time in your life and one that should be cherished. However it is also a daunting time as there is a lot to prepare for as babies needs lots of stuff!

This of course includes the cutest outfits, after all they are very cute and who can resist a baby in a tutu or a t-shirt that says “I love my mum”.and no-one does this better than the fabulous boutiques in the USA. Therefore if you are planning a trip to the states in the near future then you will need to know where to go and what to look for!

Galleria photoI have come across a fabulous site called that offers a list of 31 recommended baby boutiques across America for you to visit. Amongst this list is Flora Ottimer Children’s Boutique in the sunny state of Florida. Flora Ottimer Children’s boutique offers a range of high quality brands and has done so since 1945! They also sell hand knitted items for your little one, giving it a fabulous traditional style feel.

Or maybe you might be travelling up on the Upper West coast of USA such as Seattle, if so Once a Upon a Time is definitely worth a visit whilst your there. They sell adorable cuddly toys and unique memorable keepsake gifts which are brilliantly unique and not something you are likely to pick up easily in Tesco. They also have some high quality baby clothes from gorgeous brands such as baby bjorn that will leave your baby looking very cute and stylish whilst feeling comfortable and cool. They are also have specialised events going on in store such as book signing so take a look via their website  prior to visiting to see if there are any events you might like to go to during your stay.IMG_9355

Third on the list from is Piccoline which is a baby boutique store in the
great big city of NYC and I can see why this store is on their list. This is a brilliant store to get fashionable outfits and the latest styles as well as purchasing some adorable I love NewYork outfits such as the “LoMein Pizza Baby Oneise” which just so super cute!

These are just three of the top stores Moms Shine recommended but take a look at their website now to see the full 31 recommended baby boutiques to visit across America. Happy Shopping!


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