Stay clear from head lice with ClearLice!

Like most other mums there comes a time where you have to deal with the dreaded head lice situation and generally there is no way around it with children. Especially if you have girl with lovely long hair as head lice are especially attracted to long hair as it is easy for them to grab onto. Therefore if you know head lice is going around your child’s class, it is probably a good idea to put your daughter’s hair up in a ponytail in advance just to limit the risks.

However it does seem that head lice is inevitable and the most common way to get rid of head lice in this day and age is through silicone and oil-based treatments. But it can be hard to find the right one and some are more distressing for your child than others, so it is best to do your research before purchasing treatments. One family who knew all about this, is the Shecter family who used one head lice provider “Rid” which actually burnt their son’s head when using the treatment which as you can imagine was very distressing for him. They then tried to use home made remedies which just made the situation worse and as a result ClearLice was born.

Howard Shecter the father of the Shecter family decided to make a non-toxic, natural licesingle-size-lice-treatment-kit-f67 solution including ingredients such as Enzyme proteins, neem oil and peppermint oil to get on top of the situation. After applying the treatment he had made to his family’s hair, the head lice infestation they had endured over several months had disappeared and best of all there was no need to re-apply any 2nd treatment.

After doing further research they found out that head lice can actually survive in the environment for a given length of time (which I did not know!) and as a result the company has now made a line especially to treat the environment as well, which personally I think is brilliant! As it not only saves you the cost to buy bottle after bottle but also minimises the distress for you and your family!

ClearLice has seen some fantastic reviews and just some of their Facebook reviews say “We battled lice for a solid year in 2 of our girls with the daycare refusing to treat the school. I spent hundreds of dollars in conventional treatments and laundering. I finally found ClearLice, treated the house, the kids and the daycare rooms myself and we never had another problem. I bought the full family kit and loved how it was an all natural, homeopathic product and therefore NOT harmful to my kids or our house. I recommend ClearLice to everyone.”

I definitely would recommend giving ClearLice a go if you’re struggling with head lice in your family and even though they are based in the United States they ship worldwide.


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