Aromabotanical; A mother’s answer to relaxation

As mothers we know all too well, we are not as prepared as we once were. Before
motherhood we would take our time putting on our make up just right and perfecting our hair. However these days it is more of a “that will do” after glancing in the mirror to rush out on a school rangry-mother-doing-everything-825x510un.  Quickly smelling your jumper to make sure you don’t smell too much of baby vomit.

However it is important to remember that just because we are now mums there is no reason why we can’t treat ourselves once and while.  It is important to feel nice and look good as a woman, if only for our sanity’s sake!

Treating yourself to a great fragrance product can be tricky as you want to have a nice
smelling fragrance but also benefit from relaxation. However there is light at the end of the tunnel as I have found great high quality home fragrance products that can help us mums unwind. This fabulous revelation is called Aromobotanical and are an Australian based company. They dedicate themselves to providing unique and luxurious
fragrances for thedownload (1) home and body such as scented candles, reed diffusers and my personal favourite;
unique moisturising body bars. All their products have a variety of exceptional scents, which contain essential oils and pure extracts sourced from all over the world.  Even their candles are hand poured from ecologically sustainable botanical waxes and have pure cotton wicks, making them a perfect gift for any mother in need of relaxation.

What I like about Aromobotanical is that they source each and every one of their fragrances locally in Sydney and use only the highest quality natural ingredients. They also have a zero tolerance to testing on animals which I also greatly admire. I am huge animal lover and do not like some of these big companies who think it is morally acceptable to test their products on animals.

Plus don’t just take my word for it, they have had some great feedback from customers. Loren said “I’m not a fan of diffusers, in my experience they tend to be overpowering and most of them have a definite “toil
et spray” thing going on… but A couple of years ago I bought two Aromabotanical Persian Orange and Cassis diffusers after smelling them and falling in love with them”.

Take a lot at their website now to get yours. You can order directly from their website or you can you can visit one of their stockist if you are living or visiting Australia, j559495.jpgust take a look online to find your nearest one.




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