Need a gift idea for Father’s Day?

So with Father’s Day approaching quickly it can be tricky to find the right gift. I mean what do you buy a dad that has everything? You can’t buy him yet another jumper or tie, he owns every record going and the fridge is already stocked with beer!

However there may be a solution for you as I may just have found the perfect gift for you to buy your dad this year; a shaving strop. I know what you are thinking, but this is not just any shaving strop. I have recently come across a company called “Clear Shave” and they download (2)have brought the old fashioned barber’s shaving strops into the 21st Century. Now for those of you who are unaware, a shaving strop is a flexible strip that is used to straighten and polish a blade of a straight razor and is more commonly used for shaving a man’s beard. Stropping is designed to re-align any indentations in the blade without taking off any of its material. Meaning that the Razor strop is a very useful tool indeed for any man.

Clear Shave have enhanced the traditional shaving strop into a modern day version by using eco-friendly materials to ensure durability and extend the life of the razor blade therefore saving you money. They are hand crafted in Thailand using woodwork and rubberwood (a sustainable source of hard wood).

They have three very cool featured products that they have categorised as Get Stroppy (the Executive and the Golden) and The Artisan. Plus I think you will agree they have been brilliantly designed to look incredibly trendy for the modern man. I particularly like the philosophy of the company too as they pay fair wages under the “Responsible Shaving” ethos. They also put a percentage of their profits back into the community within the North East of Thailand by promoting craft skills and education in rural villages within this area. They do this to try and increase the standard of living for people who would otherwise struggle to do. I must say I am very impressed and well done Clear Shave.

Clear Shave have also received some great reviews for their products. One customer on their Facebook page says “I have been using the same blade now for months, I make sure that after every shave I run my razor up the Clever shave Artisan thus drying and straightening the blades, I’m still getting a really smooth shave every day. Very convenient and fits nice in my wash bag.”

So I think I have been sold on the idea of shaving strop and think this is a great gift to buy my dad this year for Father’s Day, what do you think?

See how it work here:



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