We need to give credit to our stay at home dads

So the time has come when the dreaded back to work day has come and not just because I have been out of work for one year and I am going to miss my children terribly but because I have been worried sick to death about how it is going to be for my husband.

Despite not wanting me to return to work as he will have to look after our three children, all of which are under 5, and even though this is his worst fear he wants also wants me to finish my dream of becoming a qualified nurse at the same time.

So there we have it first week in and even though I need to get up at 5 in order to drive an hour to the hospital, I know my 12 hour shift is going to be easier than his.12924543_10156760305470076_3943990064708551591_n

For a man for battles with depression he gets up at 6 to then dress and feed a four year old, two year old and a 7 month old. He then drops the eldest off to school for 9 but not before the baby decides to vomit all over him. But the day has only just started. He decides to do the 30 mile drive to Tesco and it goes well until the baby cries all the way back home because she’d pooed all up her back!

Now I know what you thinking most stay at home mums deal with this sort of thing every day, staying at home, watching the children and multi tasking the housework. But this job does not come as naturally to women than it does for men and it is more of a struggle for them to deal with.

12961632_10156760301705076_7997837642299048209_nHowever against all odds he manages to look after an emotional toddler who refuses to sit down for more than 2 minutes and a miserable teething baby, he still manages to do all the washing, change the sheets and make a Sheppard’s pie for tea and even answer a few e-mails for his own business all before picking up a contrary four year old.

He feeds them, baths them, reads to them and tucks them into bed, amazingly all by the time I arrive back at home for 8 o’clock. For this he is without a doubt the most incredible and selfless man I have ever met and despite struggling to do all of these things (especially all by himself), he does it because he loves me and want to make me happy.

And for that he is my hero….no scrap that, he is our hero!


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