Buy The Road Coat this fall and it could be best thing you ever did!

As a parent we all want our children to be safe, especially in the car. We all make sure our children are buckled in safely and efficiently into their car seats. However what if we knew we were actually doing something wrong, especially during the winter!

During the winter months, we all make sure our children have their hats, gloves, coats and boots on, especially with the kind of weather we get! However it has recently come to my attention that dressing your child up to keep them warm in a puffer coat and sticking them in the car to take them on an outing, can actually be putting them in harm’s way.

I recently came across a Rossen Report conducted on the NBC Today Show titled “How to Save a Life Today, the Dangers of Wearing Puffy Winter Coats in Car Seats”.  The report actually found that by placing your child in a puffer winter coat and then placing them in their car seat, it would not protect the child in the event of a crash and they would actually jolt forward. I was horrified to hear the news as I myself have dressed my little ones in puffer coats during the winter months and plonked them in the car during the morning school rush.

There are things you can do such as taking your little ones coat off in the morning before getting in the car and then putting it back on after getting out the car before dropping your little ones off at school / playgroup, but this can be very time consuming when you have three under 5.logo.png

However there could be a solution to keeping your kids safe in their car seat without the hassle of having to take their winter coats off and on. I have recently come across a company called One Kid who decided to create a solution to this report and as a result designed the “The Road Coat”.  The company who have been going since 1999 are an outwear clothing company for children.

The Road CIMG_1046oat has been designed with two layers so that the seat belt can safely slide into the inside of the coat and then can be zipped up over the seat belt if wished, just perfect!

The Road Coats are a much needed purchase this winter and even though they cost $109.99, they are in my opinion a must needed purchase this winter. You can purchase
them here at One Kid.


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