The healing power of adult colouring books

Colouring in is one of the favourite past times of most kids. It is their way of expressing their creativity and for them it really doesn’t matter if the stay inside the lines or not. But colouring books for adults? That is definitely a new idea but not an entirely strange one. More and more companies, like Squiggles, have started selling amazing colouring books for adults that will help them relax and relieve some of their stress.

Healing power of art

The therapeutic power of art has been proved time and again. Colouring books is not exactly art therapy but it does have therapeutic powers. It has been proven to help people deal with a variety of mental conditions such as dementia, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia can engage with the outside world through colouring. Art can also help people express themselves if their emotions are too download (32)overwhelming. This can be good for patients who have other diseases like cancer. Colouring can’t cure these diseases but it can help the patient keep anxiety and depression at bay which can help in the treatment and recovery processes. When cancer patients are allowed to engage in a creative process that doesn’t require any mental exertion, like colouring, it can take them away from the distress of the disease. It is the lack of effort required on the patient’s part which makes colouring books so therapeutic.

Colouring books are not just for those with serious diseases. With its relaxing characteristics, colouring books can help people unwind after a long. Students face a lot of stress these days and colouring books can help them deal with that as well.

Colouring before bed

Getting enough high quality sleep is imperative in improving your health, mood and productivity. Colouring has the same effect as meditation which means you will go to bed relaxed. This will help you sleep better and you will wake up refreshed.

The science of it

Adult colouring books are also being used by student in classrooms to help them focus better. Basically, colouring stimulates a relaxed mindset, which is similar to what people experience during meditation, being thus relaxed, student can focus better on lectures.

CgycjZoUkAAe5-4Colouring has positive physical effects on the body which in turn relaxes it. There are changes in heart rate as it stabilises and the blood pressure is lowered. There are also changes in brainwaves. This neurological response signifies the repetition of the colouring motion and the attention to details and patterns in the colouring books. Adult colouring books are designed in a way that the patterns are soothing to the colourists.

Colouring, an activity we were fond of as children, also helps bring out the imaginative side of us and takes us back to our childhood which, for most, was definitely a much easier time.

Colouring is no longer just an activity for children. If you are experiencing a mental condition or going through a difficult time then visit for some amazing adult colouring books and distress!

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