Do you believe in Fairies?

In recent times there has been a craze for magic especially since Harry Potter and the craze that led many people to opening their eyes to the fact there may actually be another world going on right under our noses that we do not know about. This can also be true of fairies. Fairies are known to be in our existence but there are fewer and fewer of them aroundforest_door_4_1024x1024. The saying is, it is just a matter of believing in them.

I have been searching for a store that embraces fairies and I came across a cute little store in London called “Designed by Soriska”. The store designed their shop after the fairy Soriska. Soriska was seen by a group of people that believed in fairies and this was the reason they could see fairies. Soriska told the people that believing in fairies were a good thing and that more people should it. As a result of this they came up with the name Designed by Soriska.

Designed by Soriska have a beautiful collection of items ranging from magical fairy doors to very cute miniature dolls house furniture. They have delightful workshop based in Devon, England, UK. However you can purchase anything from their store online.

They have said people who believe in Fairyland can use their fairy doors to mark a portal to their world and by having this physical door it will tell fairies that they believe and as a result will show them the way to their garden or their workshop.

The Soriska shop offers three types of Fairy doors; Wooden, Painted and Acrylic. The doors are not just for Fairies either. They even sell elf doors and even a Smurf doors. As well as this you can buy beds and gardens.

These types of fairy gifts arelove_heart_-_i_love_you_1024x1024 lovely for children to play with and are a great unique gift for Birthdays or Christmas. It also encourages them to be imaginative, which can be a rare thing these days with all the latest gadgets out.

However there are not just fairies item you can buy, they offer all sorts of cute handmade gifts such as wedding favours, new baby items and my personal favourite; the little bags of messages. Now for those of you who don’t know what this entails, the little bag of messages is a message you can put on a handcrafted piece of word in any shape. For example for a husband or wife you could buy them a heart shaped from birch ply wood.

Take a look at the full range from Designed By Soriska


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