Finding a good Parenting advice site

From the moment we find out we are going to be parents, we worry! Are we doing the right thing? Is this normal? Nobody can tell you how to raise your children but sometimes we need some advice from others, if not for anything but reassurance. I have find by using good parenting advice blogs along the way, really can help make things easier for our motherhood journey in life.

Having 3 kids under 6 can be a real challenge, so I am always constantly looking for advice best-sunscreen-for-babies-buying-guideon how to manage them better from teething to tantrums, its always nice to find someone out there who can support you to make the situation easier. After all, we all want to be able to look after our kids to the best of our ability and ensure they raised properly.

Sometimes however this is easier said than done, especially when you are 8 months pregnant and all you want is the pregnancy over with! Or you wish your toddle would just stop screaming so you can do your shopping in piece. But here is little a secret….It is all completely NORMAL to feel this way! We are only human after all and seeking out advice for tips from other Mothers or blogs is fine as we have all been in a similar situation ourselves. I feel much more accomplished knowing others have handle a car journey for examples and as a result allows us to spend some enjoyable quality time with our little ones.

So which parent sites are good to use? One parenting advice site that I particularly find useful, is They offer brilliant parenting advice from Pregnancy right through to childhood. They even offer some brilliant advice on getting pregnant. I just need to persuade my husband to try for number 4 first (Haha). They have a editorial section help answer questions you have such as ” what are symptoms of a pregnancy before a missed period” under their pregnancy section. But offer a whole host of answers to questions you need answering right through childhood.

download-5They also have a “reviews” section, which I particularly like. This section is where they offer advice on great gifts to get your children. A recent review they recently published is the top 5 Christmas Gifts for kids this year and also have done the Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Teens also. They have given some great reviews on gifts to get your kids this year, it is really worth taking a look if you stuck for ideas.

Also it worth checking out their facebook page to as they are always posting some great advice and tips here too.

Any further questions you have please feel free to comment below.


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