Give Your Memories The Best Print They Deserve

Today the use of technology has made it possible for us to take many images on our phone or tablet even, for them to be uploaded directly onto social media. However it is important not to forget print work, as this too can leave impressionable memories if not more.

Art work is not to be under estimated and just like the digital photography industry, it too is a growing market. One in particular that is keeping up with camera technology is metal prints. Metal Prints is a brilliant new form of artwork and allows us to create a unique and colorful decorative photography. It works by preserving photos as a result of infusing dyes which directly goes into specific coated aluminum sheets. What makes Metal Prints so special is the image being infused into the surface instead of onto it. Thus leaving your print an amazing magical high definition look. As a result it will leave your home feeling brighter as well as having a modern feel full your precious memories with the family.

So where is the best place to get your metal prints? Metal Prints is something I have become very fond of recently and for good reason. However it is important to find a good place where you get your metal print professionally made at a high quality. Well I have recently come across a brilliant guy making just that through Etsy called Natural Prints Art. Gurvinder Singh is the magic behind these spectacular pieces of art work. By having a metal print photo it is designed to withstand durability and are extremely robust unlike other photos you have which have become dull and faded over the years and in my experience nobody does this better than Gurvinder.

I find he offers great value for money as his designed are offered on his etsy page at a reasonable cost and he custom size it to suit you. Gurvinder is a family man based in Ashburn, United States and I think his passion for outdoors really does show in his work and definitely worth a try. Gurvinder says “My children prefer to be outdoors rather than inside, and this is my deepest and most ongoing source of inspiration”. I love the fact his inspiration comes from his children and it truly seems to makes his work stand out.

You can take a look at his full collection here and find he is really very friendly to contact him with any ideas you may have. For Latest updates on his collection follow him on Facebook and Pinterest too. He has also posted online that he will opening up a new website soon, which I am really excited about. Check out a sample of his nature collection below to from his YouTube Page.

Although Nature Prints Art is fairly new company, I know this is definitely one to watch out for in the coming months and a fantastic place to show off your precious memories on a canvas that is designed to last a lifetime. Brilliant Stuff!







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