Looking into self-publishing?

Many of us mums like the idea of running a blog and for most of us it is achievable. After all I am posting my thoughts directly to you right now through the use of my own blog and I am mum with three kids under 6. Writing for many us of can be therapeutic, it allows us to express our thoughts, ideas and even knowledge with the help of the internet. It helps us express these thoughts and share them with the world. The same can be said about writing a book, gone are the days where you need a vast amount of experience to write a book or the help of an editor to help you sell your book. Through the use of the internet it has made it that more easier to achieve.

The first self-publishing book was actually published back in 1931 after mum Irma S. 51ng6sgxzul-_sx351_bo1204203200_Rombauer decided to print 3000 copies of her cooking book. She decided to sell them herself along with the help of her daughter and asked local book shops to place the books on sale in their shop window. By the following Summer she had sold two-thirds of her 3000 copies. Now to date she has gone through 8 editions and sold over 8 million, very impressive indeed for a mum and homemaker back in 1931.  So if she can do it why can’t we?

Recent statistics now show that self-published books represent 31% of e-book sales on Amazon’s Kindle Store, not mention what can achieved by other online book sites. But how do you do you get started right?

Well if you are an amateur author and looking for a place to start, there are various places online that will help you get going with you self published book. One of place a recommend going to is Part Time Scribe. Part Time Scribe  offers you advice and support when wanting to write and publish your own work and is by far best the place online to go

Part Time Scribe is ran by Steven Burton. As well as being a part-time author, he is a chef, Old Soldier, little league Football coach and best buddy of Jack Kitty. His site offers help on various genres such as science fiction, mystery novels and horror. In addition Steven Burton also has great little section of useful books if you want further advice on publishing your own book.

Whatever you decide to write you will definitely find this site useful for writing and publishing your book.


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