Empower Our kids through Personalised Stickers by StickerSnoop

logo_v2016_wideBuying gifts for children can often become a nightmare, especially when most kids these days have all the latest gadget or toys out on the market. It can therefore often be hard to think of unique and thoughtful gifts for them.

So if you are like me and fed up with buying generic gifts for kids, ever thought about buying a personalised gift instead? There is nothing worse than turning up at kids birthday party and finding you have bought the same present as someone else. However all that can be avoided when you buy a personalised gift with the child’s name on it. Although not always appreciated by the child, it can leave the parents feeling that you have put more thought into the present.

Something new and unique I have come across to buy for kids are personalised photo and name labels. StickerSnoop are a company offering personalised photos of your child attached with text of your choice, such as their name. StickerSnoop were founded in 2014 and think they offer a great little solution to help mum keep organised.

The StickerSnoop are great personalised gifts to give for kids on their birthday to stick oncreate-stickers-en their toys. Such an amazing concept for empowering children and allowing them to take ownership of their things. I also think these personalised stickers are useful to stick on kids lunchboxes, drink bottles or even plates, because if your kids are like mine and squabble over which bottle is theirs or plate is theirs, then this could be the end of refereeing!

It is also so simple to order them too, just simply click to upload a photo, write in your text or name and then create your labels. It is the easiest way I have ever ordered an item. They are really reasonably priced too.

They have also had some great reviews from customers on quality too. Louise M Morris said “The labels are really good quality and my kids love them”.

I love these StickerSnoop stickers and will definitely be purchasing some more of these stickers as a stocking filler for the kids at Christmas time. Be sure to check them out on Facebook too as StickerSnoop are always posting new offers and info on their page.


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