Your Home Interior Christmas Wishlist!

Dear Santa, I’ve been extremely good this year…That’s how you get what you want, right? Pretend you were a saint for 2016 and cross all your fingers and toes that the Super Soaker 2000 turns up under the tree. That’s how it worked for me at least. Though I am now far too old to be writing letters to the guy who sneaks into your house via the chimney (Santa is real kids, I just don’t have time to write him long letters any more – you’ll understand when you’ve got a job and a house of your own), so instead I use Pinterest to store the links and images of pretty things I see on the net.

Of course, how I do my Christmas wish list is not the only difference – what I put on it has changed very rapidly in the past five years. I entered into adulthood and inevitably that means the super soakers turn into indoor plants, make-your-own-candy-floss machines turn into baking trays and utensils, Lego turns into IKEA flat pack furniture and all your Christmas gift money goes straight into paying your bills. The magic has just faded for me I’m afraid, so this year I thought I would try and harness a bit more of that festive enchantment and instead of asking for things I need, I’m going to be creating a dream wishlist of things I want…really want.

I’ve recently moved into a new home and I’m enjoying this first stage of decorating (painting the walls, getting new carpets down etc.), but it’s the second stage that really gets me excited – the accessories! Yes, the furniture, the artwork, the little nooks and crannies being filled with personal artifacts – it’s the best part about starting fresh. Though on a tight budget, there are many things I want to achieve and obtain in my new house that unfortunately, won’t be materialising any time soon – so a fantasy Pinterest board has been created to fuel all of my creative longing whilst I push forward with what I can manage in the real world.

I’m not expecting to receive anything off this list, but it’s certainly fun to make and perhaps it will inspire potential gifts for your Christmas too! I’m a trend-led interior design fanatic, so I based my wants around the upcoming autumn/winter trends too.

DEAR SANTA, this Christmas I would like…

1. Indigo Pillows

Ok, so these won’t exactly set anyone back much, because they’re from Sainsbury’s! Yes, the supermarket! Very suave aren’t they? Well, indigo is a massive trend for 2016 and we saw it fill the shelves in summer in the form of bohemian style ethnic prints. For winter the hue is deeper and more full on – ideal for my living area where the walls are white with gold accents running through, whilst my large soft furnishings will all be a mixture of deep blues and white.

2. A Cavendish Dining Table

I’m wanting my kitchen to be a mixture of old and new, modern and vintage, otherworldly and yet still relatable. In fact, I want most of my rooms to have this sort of feel – so I’ve looking into handmade tables by Eat Sleep Live. An investment, sure, but because they’re made using only the finest reclaimed rustic wood, they’ll last a lifetime!

3. An Artsy Vinyl Rack

Wow, can’t you tell I’m a 20-something year old first time buyer!? Yes, I have a Crosley record player and yes, I have an extensive collection of old school vinyl that I scoured charity shops to find. It doesn’t get much more stereotypical than that does it? Nevertheless, I need somewhere to stash said vinyls…

4. A Couple of Rose Gold Cage Shades

Did I mention my Crosley player is rose gold? And so is everything that’s going into my bedroom! I have shelves full of candles and trinkets that are all gleaming in shades of copper, so I’m after one of these funky Scandinavian inspired lamp shades! They seem to have been extremely popular this year so I don’t doubt that there are some slightly cheaper on the market.

5. A Bohemian Print Duvet Set

This is probably the most gorgeous duvet set I’ve ever seen, and it’ll look incredible on my rustic bed frame! It’ll of course also tie in nicely with the rose gold accents in my bedroom. I’m thinking this, with a couple of white pillows thrown in against my white walls and natural, wooden bed, surrounded by large candles and indoor plants will look…well, it’ll look just like all those posts that I and all the other 20-somethings have pinned on Pinterest already. But it’ll be beautiful!


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