Get the correct shoes for your little ones with Romper Stomper Kids

Getting the correct shoes for our little ones is important right from the very start of our lives as having the wrong shoes could damage their feet.
From birth we are born without any bones in our feet and just have soft cartilage instead. A child’s feet grow at two sizes per year in the first four years of their life and then continue to grow until growth is complete. Therefore it is important to purchase a good quality set of shoes for our children because having the wrong pair of shoes can easily push this soft cartilage of out shape, thus damaging their feet during this delicate stage of development.
There are many shops that can help with this, however one site I came across over the summer that I particularly liked was Romper Stomper Kids. They offer really good high quality shoes, ranging from newborns to children up to the age of 6 years. swoopy2-300x300The company are also brilliant at giving some great advice on the correct size for you to purchase for your child. They also have a really good size chart for each pair of shoes. They have a list of what the insole length should be in cm, so you know what size to get your child. They even recommend not leaving too much room between the end of the big toe and the end of the shoe, not more than 1-1.5cm. This helps massively when you want to get something fashionable for your little ones but also want something that is quality and won’t damage your children’s feet.
I particularly like their sandal collection and definitely something to look at if your planning some winter sun. Especially as many of the local shops don’t tend to sell sandals this time of year but as the company is Australian, they offer a huge collection this time of year. Romper Stomper Kids have an amazing collection of sandals that I really think you 42-originals-fky-folsky-3156-brown-thrash-pitaya-pink-e1475021661772-300x300will like, so it definitely worth checking them out. Their collection ranges from Sun Surfer Sandals in a gorgeous Tan colour to Nesty White Gold Sandals. Or my very favourite is the Folksey Sandal Pitaya Pink. If your a bit strapped for cash, there is also an option to pay over four payments, which I quite like. So if your off on hols soon, it gives you the option to have the sandals now and pay later. They even offer free returns on all order paid through paypal, so I would also recommend doing this too.
To fully appreciate their full collection just visit their website here

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