Share your precious memories with Little Star Cards

We all like to celebrate important milestones that our children achieve from the moment they are born to their first steps to get their dream job. We treasure these all important accomplishments along the way. So how nice would it be to have a special keepsake card with all those beautiful memories?example-eyc-lh
Something fantastic that I have recently come across and that I think you will really like is Little Star Cards. The company offer “First Year Share Cards”, “First Year Extra Cards” and “Early Years Toddler Share Cards”. It is a completely brilliant concept and you can have things such as “I have arrived” or “I said da-da for the first time” along with the date. I really like the first year cards as it is such an important year for your child as they achieve so much from the time they are born to their first birthday. Plus if you are like me, it is hard to remember what date they did what. Therefore having these cards is a great reminder.

b0802d9e02d76e6a_400x400arThe card packs come with 30 different memorable dates, as well as this you can chose a gender for your cards as they come in either pink, blue or neutral. The cards are so simple to order and use, in addition to being very reasonably priced at just £9.99 per pack.

When your cards arrive simply fill in the date box and capture a picture of your beloved little one along side the little star card. It can then be sent to loved ones as well as being kept for your own keepsake. As a result The Little Star Cards make a great Christmas gift for those looking to give something unique but memorable this year.

And it’s not just me that has fallen in love with the little star cards, others mums across the country are loving these memoirs too and love to share their little star cards along with their babies on social media.

Little Star Cards really are a brilliant concept which enables us to share special moments at a fab price. Check them out!


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