Five Fantastic Handmade Products to Give as Gifts This Christmas 

We’re now in the thick of Christmas gift-buying season, and it seems to get harder and harder to think of thoughtful and useful gifts.

One sure-fire way to make someone smile on Christmas morning is with a handmade gift.

Whether you choose to make the gift yourself or buy it online, there’s something special about a handmade gift that you just don’t get with a pair of socks or some aftershave!

Handmade soap 

Soap is always a popular gift, but instead of spending the day in Lush smelling all the different varieties, why not buy or make your own handmade soap?

Soaps are perfect for someone who likes to pamper themselves a little bit, and sites such as Simply Soaps and All Natural Soap Co sell 100% natural and organic soaps, without any man-made or synthetic ingredients.

Or, if you want to make your own, it might be easier than you’d think. Check out this tutorial from A House in the Hills to see for yourself.

Key Rings 

Key rings are another really simple, cheap and easy to make a gift which requires minimum effort.

They don’t really require any special equipment to create, and you be really creative and use whatever you want.

If you want to make your own, all you’ll need is the key rings themselves, whatever it is you want to attach, and maybe a metal eye hook to allow link it to the key ring.

For some inspiration, or perhaps if you just want to buy one direct, check out Etsy, where examples include pencil ends, compasses and vintage pennies.

Children’s Teepee 

While it’s not something that you can make yourself, we simply had to include the gorgeous handmade children’s teepees from Just for Tiny Peopleunspecified-2

They’re the perfect secret den for your little one, where they can hide away and play with their friends, curl up with a book or maybe even just have a little snooze!

All of their teepees are individually stitched with love and care and you can even customise the design for the ultimate attention to detail.

They make for a really magical gift and give your little one a special place that they can truly call their own, and it’s good to know they’re made with such care.

DIY Bottle Stoppers 

If you’re taking a bottle of bubbly to your Christmas get together, why not take along a DIY bottle stopper for a nice touch which your host will be able to use again in future?

They’re also quite easy to make, and all you need to do is either drill into a cork and screw your topper in or stick it to the top using superglue.

As for what topper to use, you can see from this article from Kitchn, there’s all kind of things you can use, such as crystals, old trophies, toy cars, or Christmas decorations.

Then all you need to do is leave the topper to dry for an hour and you’re set to go!

Custom Phone Case 

While there’s a whole range of custom handmade phone cases available online such as these from Etch’d, why not try making one yourself?

To do so, you’ll need one of those iron-on transfer sheets which are used for t-shirts and some smooth scrap leather.

For full instructions and templates, check out this post from Country Living.




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