Mums Health – Getting my fitness levels up!

As a mum of three myself, I know how important it is to be fit. Running around after three children under six is a tough job. After my third child I put on a lot of weight and found my diet and exercise was not as good as it was after I had my first two children. Things have started to slide and after months of putting it off, I decided it was time to get back in shape. I have been looking at diets to try and get rid of some excessive baby weight. As you know last week I discussed the Nutrisytem  diet from Kelly’s site Lodlois. Although it has been tough getting back on track, the diet has been really useful as it offers nutritious meals which keep me feeling fuller for longer. This a result has helped me reduce my snacking, as I now actually full and now picking throughout the day.

However it is not just about the diet, I wanted to get back in shape as well. As being on the15181462_225986297831039_1874713712764319748_n go is really tiring, and I am finding that extra weight it is slowing me down. Therefore I thought eating healthier is not enough and I wanted to try and get fitter too, thus allowing me to manage my day to day activities a bit easier. As a result I came across a Facebook page called Mums Health who specifically help mums get back into shape. I particularly like them as they help mums get into the right mindset allowing us to live a happier lifestyle. As well as tips on nutritious food and useful workouts that can easier by managed around our chaotic lifestyle.

The Mums Health Facebook page focuses on working out little and often. They know how busy we are, so they post short and easier workouts for us to do. For example a recent exercise routine posted was to sit in front of the TV and do some crunches or even go out for a 10 minute brisk walk.

I love the idea of also having a support network from fellows mums who are also in the same boat as you. In addition they have a private Facebook group which is great for sharing tips and giving each other motivation when we need it. And I tend to need it a lot!

It a brilliant page and definitely worth checking it out if your looking to get a bit fitter this winter.


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