What was your pregnancy like?

From the moment we find out we are pregnant to the moment we give birth, pregnancy can be a rocky rollercoaster. Some have it better than others. But it is safe to say all our experiences are all different. Recently I came across a fabulous blog called Lais Little Life, Laila started writing her blog after she found out she was pregnantuntitled with her son Joshua, who is currently 8 months old. She posts about everything from her pregnancy to what the first year of motherhood has been like for her. Her stories boast about how she is consistently a sleep deprived zombie, a clueless mummy, a snack beast but despite this enjoys every moment with her adorable little one (don’t we all).

Whilst coming across Laila’s blog I noticed she is putting all her stories together in order to make an ebook, which I think is great. She has been looking for other mummy’s pregnancy stories and is encouraging them to post their stories to yourstory@laislittlelife.com, as she would love to include them. So if you feel like sharing your pregnancy story, I would strongly recommend e-mailing her.

Personally my pregnancies were all different. I felt very sick with the first one, less sick with the 2nd and then didn’t even feel sick with the third, which was great. However I was incredibly tired on all three pregnancies, which was hard work when I had a four year and a two year old to also look after.

So I think your pregnancy can also have an affect on whether you have other children or not, as you can put an increasingly amount of pressure on yourself if you still have to look after young children. So even though I felt more sick with my 1st pregnancy, I think this was probably actually the easiest because I could have a nap when I wanted (well as soon as got home from work anyway), I could at least have a lie in on weekends when I wasn’t working and could ultimately rest when I wanted. However that was much more difficult on my 2nd pregnancy and was out of the question by the time I was pregnant with my third!

12032038_10156075151235076_2638294528822584409_nUltimately though, we all go through this pregnancy (good or bad) because many of us women have this over whelming need to become mothers, even though this is not the easiest job. After all for the first time in our lives we have to look after someone other than ourselves. No longer are we given a full nights sleep and our social life is replaced from a night out to a coffee morning. Even if you have had a baby before, becoming a mum for the 2nd time or even 3rd time is daunting, as you have never experienced pregnancy whilst looking after another child. Especially If you have chosen to have babies close together.

Regardless of this, many of us feel up to the task and wouldn’t have it any other way, because many of us wouldn’t give up those precious moments of seeing our kids smile for the first time, or talk for this time or walk for the first time and all the other first times waiting to be seen.



  1. Ahh its like a country walk. There are beautiful moments, times where your legs ache and you want to go home and crawl into bed…. the best thing is that although there are similarities, no two country walks are the same 🙂

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