Would you like to know the DNA of your child?

We all want the best possible start for our children and the majority of us start taking measures to support our child’s health right from the time we find out we are pregnant. We cut out alcoholic and make sure we are having a healthy diet in order to give our baby the best possible start to life. However there are some things that cannot control and these are our genetics.

Our child’s development is a really important part of their life and can often create stress for us when we are making sure everything is working well. Recently I came across a fabulous new technology company called New Genetics Life , which I think will make many mothers including myself, have an increased piece of mind when it comes to the development of our children.

Their extraordinary science and technology has allowed them to come up with an amazing baby and kids DNA tests, which provides knowledge to the area of our child’s health that we are most interested in. The test focuses on diseases that our child might be susceptible to such as allergies, type of immunity, a predisposition to dental caries and the likely-hood of gaining certain food intolerances as well as other health complications that our babies and children are likely to gain because of their genetics.  test-dna-string-1

The test works by breaking down the most potent genotypes, thus allowing you to learn how to minimize the health of your child. As a result the test enables you to take measures to manage their condition to the best of your ability based on the knowledge you have been given through the test. This then helps prevent their condition from manifesting before you have had a time deal with it.

After receiving your test about your baby or child, New Genetics Life will give you tools and the knowledge you need in order to make sure you are prepared for any condition that your child might suffer from, so you are not left completed in the dark after it is conducted.

For example the test may show that your child might suffer from an intolerance to the consumption of fructose, which is a sugar found naturally in fruits. Therefore the company can offer you help in order to spot the symptoms and signs of the intolerance to this sugar.

This is a brilliant concept using the latest science and technology and one that I highly recommended to gaining a better understanding of your child’s health. For full details and further information take a look at http://newlifegenetics.com/dna-baby-genetics-test/.

Also take a look at their Facebook page for all the latest up to date information: https://www.facebook.com/NewLifeGenetics/


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