Family Orbit – iPhone Monitoring Software

With technology rising at an outstanding rate, it is quite common for most us to now have a phone or computer to communicate with each other on a regular basis, including our children. However with the easy access to the internet comes danger and as a result, we want to protect them from this. So once we allow our child their own phone to communicate with friends it can be quite hard to track what it is  they are doing. This can often leave parents worried and stressed, especially as the rise of the internet has led to cyber bullying.

But there could be a solution for parents. I have recently come across screen696x696a company called Family Orbit who offer a brilliant iPhone Monitoring Software. The service allows you to monitor your child’s calls, texts and photos in a controlled environment through a new iCloud monitoring service. The service is run by Apple so it will only work on iPhone, iPads and iPad Touch.

I particularly like this service as you can monitor calls, texts, photos and even location history. The monitoring apps enables us parents to retrieve our child’s date, number and duration of their call. This is a great way to keep your child safe from the digital world so we can protect them. Also if we do come across anything that is suspicious we can speak  to our child and educate them before anything critical may happen.

In addition to monitoring their calls, we can also track sent and outgoing messages, including delated messages. This is particularly important to monitor any untoward behavior your child may get from bullies, but may not have the courageous to bring up the subject to us about it.

As well as this the iPhone Monitoring Software can allow us to monitor images which is very important in todays society. Lastly the software helps us keep track of our child’s location. I think this is a good idea as it allows us parents to make sure our child is not betraying our trust. Furthermore I particularly think this app is important as it means we can make sure our child is safe at all times and not in any danger.

footerlogoOverall I think this is great monitoring software app designed by apple and one that I think will be really beneficial for parents, myself included. We live in a digital world which can be dangerous as well as exciting.

You can sign up now for a trial here:


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