Keep yourself healthy with the vitamin D spray from FortiVitum

As a mum it is important to eat as healthy as possible, as we need all the energy we can get as a parent. Especially if you are trying to keep up with young children such as myself. However if you’re like me it is not always that easy to stay healthy. Therefore it is also handy to have additional vitamins on hand to make sure we are being all we can be as parents.

Being ill is something us parents can do without, as we still still have to keeping going and don’t have the luxury of snuggling up in bed to nurse our cold. As result we need to keep our immunity as high as possible.

So I looked to see if there were any specifically good vitamins that could help boast my immunity, to make sure I am being kept fit and healthy enough to run around after my three children under 6.

One vitamin I came across was FortiVitum, they are offer spray vitamins that absorb up to 93% compared with other vitamins I compared on the market that only have 10-20% absorption rate, which I was very impressed by. What I also particularly like about these spray vitamins too, is they were designed together through a nutritionist, a pharmacist, a doctor and  a scientist. Perfect combination. vitum-d-compressor-compressor_530x

The company’s vitamin D3 4,000 IU spray, has been specifically designed so that it will boast your immunity by absorbing up to 93% of its vitamin D. We need Vitamin D as it helps us absorb calcium and phosphorous, as well as help keep our immune system function properly.

They also have brilliant reviews to on the product too. Andruis says “My kid loves it, my wife loves it, my dad loves it, I love it! Our doctor told use to use it for kid, now all family are using it, it is ‘Happy face vitamin’ ;)”

Vaidi says “Love this product. I got this vitamin-D spray recently, just before winter to boost my immune system and I have to say, I love it! A few weeks after using it I feel noticeable change in energy levels”

The vitamin is also said to be tasty with no artificial colouring and therefore easy to use daily for us mums. It sounds like a brilliant product and I can’t wait to see the effects of it for myself.

For more information on the product and where to buy it, check out their website here.


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