Getting The Picture Just Right: How To Take A Great Selfie

It is a little more difficult than you would think to take a selfie. Only a few people consistently snap good shots; the rest are not happy with the vast majority of their pictures. If you love to take selfies, but you need a little help getting the image just right, read on for more information.

1. Pay Attention to Lighting

Do you snap selfies and are then horrified by the way your skin looks? Or, do you look drawn and not like yourself in the picture? The problem is likely the lighting. Even if you have lights on, you may not be getting enough illumination to create a great picture. Natural light is best. Pull up the blinds and flood the room with light. If it is an overcast day, try moving lamps around until you get it right. You can also try switching rooms to see if a different position helps. You want the lighting to be both bright and soft for best results. Here are some good lighting tips.

2. Go To A Mirror First

Before you take that picture, head over to a mirror to examine your appearance. Are you happy with what you see or do you need to touch up some makeup or fix your hair? Give yourself the best chance of success by ensuring that there is nothing that you need to fix before you start snapping pictures. Most people only need to spend a minute or two on touch ups before they move on to take their picture.

3. Stay Frozen

When cameras first came on the market, subjects had to remain frozen for about one minute in order to avoid a blurry picture. That is why you rarely see people smiling in pictures from years ago; they knew they wouldn’t be able to keep their smile frozen for the picture, so they simply opted not to do it at all. Times have changed (luckily!), and you do not need to remain frozen for a minute to get a good picture. However, you do need to minimize your movements for at least a few seconds so that the picture turns out the way you want it to.

4. Get The Background Right

Most people don’t consider the background when they take a selfie, but the truth is, it is a crucial part of the picture composition. If there are people standing behind you, your camera might accidentally focus on them. If there is a lot going on behind you, you may get lost in all of the “busyness” of the photograph. Opt for a neutral background whenever possible. Try to make sure there is as little going on behind you as possible. In addition, be aware of bright colors. Your face might look a little odd in your selfie depending on the colors that are behind you. To be safe, opt for a white background.

5. Be Self-Assured

Your picture is not going to turn out very well unless you are confident during the entire process. Remember, no one is looking at you. If you don’t like your picture, you can eventually delete it. Get silly. Have fun. Show how self-assured you are. Chances are, you are going to love one of the pictures that results from your impromptu photography session.

6. Get More People Involved

Your pictures will look even better if you take them with a friend or family member. Joke around and laugh with each other, and snap your picture while the two of you are being silly. Your image will convey the affection you have for one other and it won’t look too posed. Remember, though, that you often have to take several selfies to find one that you love, so make sure your friend is up for a few minutes of picture taking.

7. Get The Angle Right

How you hold the phone is important when you are snapping your selfie. If you are too low, you’ll snap an unflattering shot of your chin. If you go too high, you may look like a floating head. You want to hold your phone just above your head. Point your chin up slightly; this will smooth out your skin and help you to appear thin. While this angle works for most, you may like something a little different. Try out a few poses and see what works for you. Check out this post.

8. Use Editing Tools

You don’t have to use the original image that you took. Instead, edit your pictures to change anything you don’t like. You can darken an image that is too bright, for example. You can eliminate any red eye. You can add a few silly “stickers” to the image. Have fun with your editing tools and get your picture just the way you want it. Filters can also be very helpful as well.
Here are some good tools for better photos and more followers for your Instagram
• Vibbi
• Picstitch
• Squareready

9. Glance At Your Photo

With the way technology is in most smartphones today, you shouldn’t have a problem looking at your photo’s composition before you snap it. Take a quick glance and make sure you like the way everything looks. If it is a go, snap the picture! If something is wrong, fix it quickly and try again.

10. Be Silly
If you tried a few serious poses, but you don’t like the way they turned out, try something a little different. Who says you have to smile in the picture? Try getting silly instead! This works really well if someone is taking the picture with you, but it can be great on your own as well.

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