5 quick tips for styling your mummy hair

As mother you can often feel like you don’t give your hair the respect that it deserves. If you like me, we tend to give it a quick brush and shoving it into a bun as we pop off to the school run. But despite us being mothers, we are still women and we deserve to show off our hair and thus style is nicely.

So I have put together a few hair tips that can help.

1. Learn to shower the night before. Showering the night before means you will have more time to work on your hair during the morning time to style it with some tongs or straighteners. IMG_9457-Version-2-417x635

2. Learn to French braid. For this I recommend going over to WikiHow as they offer a 14 step guide on how to French braid your hair.

3. If French braiding is not for you or you are finding that French braiding is too hard then I would definitely recommend for the Bohemian Twist instead. This type of hairstyle is so easy use. These are some great step by step guide on how to do the Bohemian Twist at Twist Me Pretty.

4. Again if you are finding the French braid to too, then the alternative braid is really cool and is one of my favourite hair dos and is so easy to do. Twist Me Pretty again show you how to do this hairstyle to perfection.

5. For those mums for are African American, I recommend using a site called Lace Frontier as they offer some great tips on what do with your hair including 6 ways to voiceofhaircrochet braid your hair (which I love).  The site goes into vast detail about the different styles of crochet braiding, so if you have an afro, this is the site to start with on styling your hair.

Whichever type of hair you have or hairstyle you decide to choose, just have fun with it and get creative styling your hair.


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