Grab your self a personalised postcard with Mypostcard

It is important to keep in touch with our family and friends so what better way than to send them a postcard. Sending postcards has been a tradition for many years and is a brilliant one to keep alive. But what if you wanted to send a postcard to your family and friends back home along with your favourite holiday pic?

Well recently I came across this fabulous site called Mypostcard. With Mypostcard you can have your special holiday photos personally printed onto your postcard. What’s more you can print photos as squares and poloroids in boxes. Likewise you can just have a cool ready-designs-overview-tinydesigns from their design shop such as festive occasions, love interests, cities and so much more. It really is the coolest thing. However what I quite like is being able to take a photo you have recently uploaded to facebook or taken on your phone, sending it to Mypostcard and then sending it to my mum (she is not a fan of facebook) in the post, along with my message. It is a great keepsake for her to keep and I know she would truly love it.

What’s more they have a Mypostcard App for iOS and Andriod, which has sold it to me, as the last thing you want to be doing when your on your hols is trying to get onto a website and ordering something. It is not always the easiest thing to do on a phone. Whereas an app is designed to do just that.

Mypostcard also do an array of other things too such as greetisend-postcard-overview-tinyng cards which I think would be great to send to family or relatives you have living long distance.  For me I live in the UK and have a first cousin who lives in Canada. She has two sons who are the exact same age as my two youngest children.
However because the of the distance that separate’s they get to miss out on a lot. But I think she would appreciate a nice picture of us and the family long with a nice message. So I would definitely recommend ordering a greeting card online, which can be customized any way you wish.

To find out the range of their services and products, visit their site here:




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