Get a 2 in 1 toilet with the easy potty trainer!

Training your toddler to use the toilet can often become a stressful time for parents and their toddlers. It can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety and upset. Especially those mums and dads who are parenting for the first time. Toddlers bladders a small and they often need to rush very quick to get to their potty. But using the potty can frequently lead to spillages.

It can also be a tricky time too, both my eldest children didn’t get on with a potty and preferred to go straight to the toilet. However taking a toddler seat on and off your toilet can be really time consuming too, especially when their little legs are going, trying to get to the loo as fast as they can and your doing your best to grab that toddler seat on as fast as you can. Plus if you’re anything like me then there was a lot of dribble and accidents, certainly not making it to the toilet in time.  45010_145085335525740_6637703_n-1

Soon it will be my third child’s turn to start her potty training. Therefore I thought I would check out what is out there all together and if there is anything new on the market that could make the transition a little easier. Third times a charm right? So after researching the internet I came across the Easy Potty Trainer which is a fabulous toilet seat for kids.  They have designed an integrated child and adult toilet training seat in one. Wow!

So all you need to is lid up the lid for them straight away. It’s a great way to train your toddlers with confidence quickly and with such less mess too. Sounds like my sort of thing!

The Easy Potty trainer has also had some amazing feedback from its customers too.

Nana Beamish says “When our granddaughter started toilet training, we decided to help out by installing an easy-trainer for her visits to our house. It took only one try for her to start using the easy-trainer. It took several more weeks before she would use the separate top mount trainer that my daughter was using at home.”

So this definitely a product that I think  that is worth investing in.

EasyPottyTrainer-LogoTo find out more information about this amazing easy potty training seat, check out their website here:

Also visit their facebook page:


Google Plus:


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